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welcome to classes at Steamboat fit!

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Easy to start

Simple Sign up and payment for classes on MindBody. Click Here and get the App!

We have posted instructions around our facility that will help you feel at home.

A Steamboat Fit team member will show you around our studio so you are familiar with where everything is located.

Classes are designed to meet everyone where they are at in their fitness journey.  

Our instructors offer numerous modifications throughout all classes.

We have many talented Personal Trainers who can work with you one on one.

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What to Expect

Please plan to arrive approximately 15 minutes before your first class.  

Your instructor will ask you about any injuries and help to recommend modifications.

Bring a water bottle and make sure that you are well hydrated before class.

If you like to sweat, it is encouraged to bring your own towel. But, don't worry we always have extras!  

Most classes require tennis shoes.  If you are attending a barre, pilates, or yoga class you do not need tennis shoes as these classes are barefoot... but you can always keep shoes on if you prefer!

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What next?

We highly recommend committing to classes for 2 months in order to see what amazing impact they can have on your strength, endurance, and physique.  

We offer a wide variety of classes and encourage you to mix up your routine. Continue to try new classes, find what you love and know what you don't love. ​

It takes 21 days to create a new habit- so don't give up!  Make a commitment to yourself to better your own health. You won't regret it!

Research shows that having a workout buddy (accountability partner) significantly impacts your results and commitment. Grab a friend and plan a workout date!