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Steamboat Fit Box


Burn, Build, Beast is a 3-part workout program designed with the Steamboat fitness enthusiast in mind!

We pulled together a team of highly-talented personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and some of Steamboat's most experienced in the fitness industry to design this unique program! You will experience a safe, effective, fun, and challenging program across these three class offerings - appropriate for all fitness levels and aimed to help YOU reach new levels of wellness.

In addition to building strength and conditioning - both mentally and physically, experience new breakthroughs in your fitness by being not only challenged but also encouraged and supported in each workout - both through the leadership of our experienced coaches and from the entire Steamboat Fit community.

The Steamboat Fit Box is fully equipped to give you a killer workout! Whether you are working out on your own or in one of our classes, you will find everything you need! Turf lines the center of box, which is excellent for working out, pushing sleds, and great for high-impact cardio! Equipped with rowers, echo bikes, Rogue boxes, climbing rope, battle rope, squat racks, barbells, jump ropes, and wallballs- you can set-up a great circuit, focus on strength, or squeeze in a HIIT workout! All equipment in the box is versatile and easy to move, great for creating your own workout experience. The Box is available for open gym whenever there is not a class in session

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