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Our Classes

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AMRAPS: AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE. Through a combination of strength and cardio exercises, this high intensity workout will create metabolic overload helping you to burn fat and increase strength and endurance.

BodyPump: BODYPUMP™ is THE ORIGINAL BARBELL CLASS™, the ideal workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout.

Dirty30*: This 30-minute class is the ultimate in weight lifting. We will focus on low reps, heavy weight to increase muscle mass. Lift weights at a slow and controlled paced while focusing on form to get amazing results!

          Dirty30 & Butts/Guts*: This 60-minute class incorporates 30 minutes of Dirty30 followed              by 30 minutes of core and glute work. This is the ultimate combo!

          Dirty30 & Tabata*: This 60-minute class incorporates heavy weight lifting with rounds of              Tabata Cardio in between weight sets! You will love this killer combo!

FierceFit: FierceFit is a high intensity, full body workout. An interval training sequence is utilized to build cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and endurance. This class will incorporate a variety of formats including circuit training, AMRAPs, HIIT, Tabata, and more!

Full Body Strength: This high energy class focuses on strengthening and toning your entire body. Dumbbells, resistance bands, balls, benches, and butt bands will be used to leave every inch of your body feeling strong.

Functional Core Strength*: Condition your core for better stability, posture and everyday function. Focusing on low- and no-impact exercises that strengthen shoulders, chest, abdomen, glutes, and back as you learn to control your body's balance and improve core stability and overall mobility.

Functional Circuit Training*: This class is a strength and cardio circuit geared towards active older adults and those who are new to fitness classes. Exercises will focus on total body strength training, with an emphasis on improving balance, stability, and flexibility.

HIIT Class: High Intensity Interval Training, the ultimate cardio burn! Each week you will find a new and exciting format including traditional HIIT training, AMPRAPs, and circuit training. 

MixxedFit: MixxedFit® is a people-inspired dance fitness program that is a mix of explosive dancing and boot camp toning. Everything about our dance fitness program can be described as explosive- movements are big and full-out!

Steamboat Fit Barre*: Steamboat Fit Barre is a low-impact class which combines pilates, yoga, and conditioning movements. This class will help you become more sculpted and will lengthen and lean your muscles.

Zumba*: Zumba dance routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness. This class is the perfect blend to leave you sweaty, toned, and energized!

Classes offered in the Steamboat Fit Box:

BURN: This endurance class is for all you cardio junkies out there who want to get your sweat on! This class is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength training workout. This interval-based class incorporates high intensity cardio bursts by utilizing rowers, treadmills and/or assault bikes. Between cardio bursts you will focus on strength training through the use of kettlebells, dumbbells, squat racks, wall balls, and more! This class is perfect for those who are looking to improve endurance and build muscle strength!

BUILD: BUILD combines Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and accessory work to make you lean, mean, and strong. The focus of this class is to help you build strength. Traditional lifts - back squat, press, and deadlift meet foundational movement coaching plus an Olympic lifting focus for those who want to practice and master these movements and see measurable progression. Through this foundations class, an emphasis will be put on proper form and technique for lifting weights.

BEAST: Functional Movements, high intensity intervals, weightlifting, and constantly varied movements are combined to give you measurable results. Each class is led by a CrossFit Trainer, who will guide you through the Workout Of the Day, which is tailored to meet your individual needs. The WOD will utilize a variety of equipment to help you develop high levels of power and strength. We will utilize all that the Steamboat Fit Box has to offer including kettlebells, rowers, bikes, medicine balls, ropes, rings, barbell, plyo boxes, and more.

*Indicates classes that are great for those who are easing back into an exercise routine!