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Get fit with steamboat fit

challenging workouts

Our Classes consist of a wide variety of class formats, designed for a variety of athletic abilities. We offer a wide variety of different types of training for your body, so you will never do the same workout twice. Your body is constantly challenged. No plateaus here. Safe and effective options for all participants.

  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Core Strength & Conditioning
  • Full Body Strength Workouts
  • Mobility & Movement
Fitness Team
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We meet you where you are at

Steamboat Fit workouts are designed for all fitness levels and can be modified up or down, so our strength and conditioning workouts will push you no matter where you are in your fitness journey. As you progress physically, you'll also gain the important mental strength, discipline, and confidence that leads to real transformation.

Steamboat Fit is an all-inclusive gym. We are judgement free, accepting, and welcoming.

train with the best

Our team of elite Trainers, who are highly trained and educated, are an essential part of your individualized journey. Our trainers can modify any exercise for degree of difficulty, injury, pregnancy, or if you are just getting started.

Are you ready to push yourself? Our team of trainers know how to increase intensity and resistance while prioritizing form and protecting your joints.

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train safely

Steamboat Fit has new, state-of-the art equipment that is well maintained and cleaned regularly. 8mm rubber flooring lines our fitness space which is designed to be a shock absorber and protect your joints and prevent injury.

Our studio prides itself in cleanliness, ensuring you enjoy a clean and well maintained space to workout.

frequently asked questions

What should I bring?
Most classes require the use of tennis shoes. Classes such as Steamboat Fit Barre, Barre Fusion, and Mat Pilates are classes which you can participate in barefoot. In addition, it is recommended to bring a water bottle and an encouraging and supportive attitude!

What if I need to modify due to injury or illness?
When arriving at Steamboat Fit, please let your fitness instructor know about any injury or illness you mayh have which may impact your workout. Your instructor will work diligently to provide modifications and alternative movements.

How do I get started?
Download the Steamboat Fit App to browse classes, view membership options, on-demand classes, and sign-up today!

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