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Personal and Semi-private training


personal training

There are many benefits to working with a Certified Personal Trainer. When working with a trainer at Steamboat Fit, your trainer will identify your physical strengths and weaknesses, and will design a custom workout plan tailored to meet your unique needs. In addition, trainers will provide accountability, can will take into account any health issues or injuries, and will work diligently to ensure that you perform exercises safely and with proper form. 

When working with a trainer, we offer 1:1 training as well as partner training! Not sure which trainer is right for you? We are here to help! Call today to speak with our Personal Training Manager to determine who may be the best fit for you! 

How to Sign-Up?
Reach out directly to the Personal Trainer you are interested in working with!

Or, call Steamboat Fit today to be paired with the trainer who can best meet your needs!

semi-private training

Are you brand new to exercise, dealing with injury, or you just need a little extra push? Semi-Private Sessions are the perfect and most cost effective way to work with a Personal Trainer. In addition, it is a great way to meet others who may be in on a similar fitness journey as you! 


Semi-Private Training is one of our most cost effective, high value options. Work with a small group (max of 5 participants) during your Semi-Private Training Sessions. Working with a small group allows us to focus on your needs and design a workout plan that is best for you.

A minimum of 2 participants is required to run the session. Steamboat Fit Staff will reach out to you directly in the event of a cancellation.

How to Sign-Up?

Simply sign-up on MindBody, just like you would a class!

Semi-Private Offerings:

Foundations: Tuesday and Thursday @ 10:00a

This Semi-Private Session is geared towards active older adults and those who are just getting back into fitness.

Performance: Monday @ 10:00a

Performance Semi-Privates focus on building strength and endurance. This private is designed for those who are already exercising but looking to ramp up their fitness level!

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