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Anna Hall

"Never forget how wildly capable you are."

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Private reformer with anna


Anna's journey with Pilates began in 2010 as she sought chronic back pain relief. The remarkable benefits she experienced sparked her passion, leading her to pursue a career in this field. Pilates not only enhanced her core strength, flexibility, and alignment but also contributed to her overall health and well-being. These improvements translated into her ability to excel in various activities such as biking, skiing, and paddleboarding, showcasing how transformative Pilates can be!


With her extensive knowledge of the human body, coupled with her love for exercise and functional training, Anna is dedicated to challenging, uplifting and empowering you. Her warm, welcoming nature and sense of humor create a supportive environment in her classes, where everyone feels empowered. Anna is excited to guide you towards newfound strength, balance, and relief from pain! She is comprehensively certified through the Pilates Training Institute.

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