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Becky Kuhl

"The enemy of contentment is comparison." -Unknown

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Personal training with becky

Becky started her professional fitness journey in 2015, but her passion for fitness started way before that. As a teenager into young adulthood, she spent most of her free time playing sports and playing outside. From volleyball, track and field, snow skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and water skiing, she constantly was being active. It wasn't until she had children in her young 30's that she realized she needed more so she could be strong enough to continue her active lifestyle. That is when she pursued going to gyms to try to understand what needed to be accomplished to become stronger. Feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, Becky eventually decided to take the reins in her own fitness journey.


In 2015, she got her 1st certification in Yoga Sculpt. From there, she got her Personal Training Certification, and has continued to stay current in sports science and effective workout programming. Becky has had her handful of injuries, and being in her 50's has an understanding of what it's like to be hurt. She understands the benefits of specific exercises for injuries and what kind of recovery is needed as we age. This experience empowers Becky with empathy and discernment to help her connect to the people who she trains which benefits her clients to become their better selves. Becky's passions lie in functional strength training and mobility training. She desires to help people not feel intimidated, as well as being confident and strong so they can enjoy their lives, and can continue to do the things that make them happy.

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