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Brooke Benton

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  - Albert Einstein

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Personal training with brooke

"Brooke Benton loves movement.  From an early age she found joy in movement through dance and outdoor adventures.  She studied dance and kinesiology at the University of Oregon and went on to pursue a career as a Pilates personal trainer working in California, Utah, and now Colorado.  Brooke has always loved how Pilates and dance mesh so nicely but also how her practice in Pilates has helped improve not only her dance but other areas in her life.  Over the years, the physical and mental connection she had made with her body through Pilates took her training to a whole new level. 


Brooke has continued her training with pre and postnatal specialty work, breast cancer recovery, injury and rehabilitation with Pilates, strength training, and athletic training using the Pilates reformer.  The culmination of all these practices and continued education help fuel Brooke's love of movement and drive the passion she has to work with people.  She's inspired by her clients and their ability to try hard things and build confidence and strength.  Her hope is that just a little bit of her love of movement will rub off on each and everyone of you!"

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